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About Us

About Us

We are ‘Buying Green’ and we are proud to promote a wide range of eco-friendly products. Products that are sustainable and that encourage our clients to be pro active in protecting the planet. We support eco-friendly giftware, products and ideas for the home and garden along with downloadable products. Our aim is to build a powerful brand supported by committed eco credentials with a wide range of carefully sourced products. We’ve always strived to do something different on the back of great products and service. We’d like to think our customers keep coming back time and time again and hopefully tell their friends.

The end goal is to promote sustainability and to recycle wherever possible. We always ensure if we are promoting physical products they are ethically made and wherever possible save energy and are organic. We hope the products we promote will fit within your everyday lifestyle and encourage you to get outdoors. We continue to expand and we are adding to our numerous environmentally friendly and ethical offerings every week. We also sell holistic products with entirely natural ingredients.

In today’s modern world we’re all swept along by the pace of life. It’s impossible to remember everything. We all forget the lights now and again and we sometimes begrudgingly take the bus when our car’s sat on the drive. We’d like to think our products are ‘second nature’ and become part of your routine and second nature. To protect the planet we all need to invest today for our future and shop responsibly. There is no perfect solution but we are defined by choice and some of our choices and decisions are far more benevolent than others.

Our mission is to provide products that are made with thought and social responsibility. Products that hopefully encourage your good health and the health of our planet.